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Minecraft Skin Commissions
Commissions are Open!

Basic Information / Rules

I'll be very happy if You decide to Commission Me!
Here You can read all basic information, and see rules that I have!
- Your Commission should be done in around one week, depends on how much Skins You Commissioned, and how busy Iam at the moment,
- While process of making Your Commission, I'm gonna send You Screens with W.I.Ps of the project/s. It won't only let You see that I'm actually working on Your Commission, but also You will be able to tell Me what would You like to change in the project, if there is something,
- Pictures, Palletes and References are more than welcome when creating an order,
- Iam able to take Commissions with more than 5 Skins at once, but it will take so more time to make!
- I'm taking Payment in $ by PayPal or Ko-Fi, but if there is a problem with it,
We can discuss it,
- Payment takes place right after accepting the final look of the project,
BEFORE sending You file with it,
- If You'll upload Your Commission somewhere, please credit Me,
- You can't upload Commissioned Skin/s on pages like Minecraft Marketplace,
- You can upload Your Commission on pages like Instagram, Twitter, etc. However please, Credit Me if You do so.
- I prefer to communicate through Discord, however if You don't have it, there are possibilities like Instagram, Twitter and Email for now,
- There can be a possibility, that I would like to upload pictures of Your Commission on My Social Medias. However You, as a client, can ask Me not to do so,
- I can decline Your Commission, if I won't feel comfortable with it,
I WON'T do
Too much Gore,
Mecha (small details like arm, eye, etc. are acceptable),
=I do not offer HD Skins at the moment,=If You'll have any questions, You are more than welcome to ask anything while Commissioning Me!

Price List / Portfolio

You can make an order in My Style or More Basic/Aesthetic Style.
More Skins = Possible Price Discount
Matching Skins are also with Possible Discount, depends on how much details They will have, and how much differences there will be between
girl and boy model.
Most Important - Price is based on amount of details on The Project/s, and on how much time They took.


My Works

Most of My best works can be found on My Instagram!
If You would like to see more/older projects, go check My Skindex and PMC Accounts as well!


Price List

Skins, Outfits, Bases,

6$-10$ per one Skin
8$-12$ per one pair of Matchings
Outfit/Hair Bases from 2$ up
Adding UnShaded Skin to Your Commission File +1$ (for each)
Adding Hair/Outfit Base to Your Commission File +2$ (for both)
Tips are more than Welcome! <3

Interested in Commission?

If You read everything and decided to Commission Me,
please contact Me on Discord!

Gabku 💚#2836


*In case You don't have discord

[email protected]